Friday, February 16, 2007

Day 5

Web Quest: Mt. Everest

Problem: So many people are dying trying to climb Mt. Everest and most of their bodies just stay up there, frozen.


  • As of 2004- 185 climbers have died.
  • Every year 185 people seek to attain the 29,035 ft summit.
  • 41 dead bodies lay on the North Side as of 2002.
  • Some of the dead bodies are never found

Contirbuting Factors:

  • Some people run out of gas or just freeze to death
  • Some die from diseases such as Pulmonary and can't get to a hospital fast enough.
  • The summit, where many deaths occur, could be avoided.
  • "Getting to the summit is voluntary. Getting down is mandatory." - Ed Viesturs (First man to climb all 14 Himilayan peaks.)
  • It took 12 people 8 hours to move one dead man down a portion of the mountian and that wasn't all the way from the summit.


  • Climbers need to train more thoroughly and make mental notes of what to do when certain life and death situations arise. Especially up at such a high altitude when your mind can't think as clearly. Technology will also need to improve in order to find a systematic way of returning the bodies, of those who have died climbing, to their families in order to recieve a proper burial.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 3

Problem at Tartan:

Cell phone use during classes.

Students are constantly texting eachother during classes throughout the day.
Teachers already take students' phones when they get caught with it out.

Contributing Factors:
It is a school rule that no one can use their cell phones during the day at all which makes students mad that they can't use it even during passing time and lunch.
Sometimes parents are calling for something urgent or even texting telling them that they are getting picked up.

Let students have their cell phones during passing times and lunch. They won't feel like they have to do it during class by trying to hide it. So it will not disrupt class time.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Day 1

Preview- Page 60

A friend is having trouble keeping up with the class. You suspenct that bad study habits may be causing her grades to drop:

The friend of mine that is not doing well in class has had bad study habits before. A factor that contributes to this may be her having an after school job and not having time to study. She also always studies with the radio on which may be very distracting. My friend also doesn't allow herself enough time to study, she always plans other things for herself to do instead. Those are some of the factors I think contribute to her dropping grades.