Friday, February 16, 2007

Day 5

Web Quest: Mt. Everest

Problem: So many people are dying trying to climb Mt. Everest and most of their bodies just stay up there, frozen.


  • As of 2004- 185 climbers have died.
  • Every year 185 people seek to attain the 29,035 ft summit.
  • 41 dead bodies lay on the North Side as of 2002.
  • Some of the dead bodies are never found

Contirbuting Factors:

  • Some people run out of gas or just freeze to death
  • Some die from diseases such as Pulmonary and can't get to a hospital fast enough.
  • The summit, where many deaths occur, could be avoided.
  • "Getting to the summit is voluntary. Getting down is mandatory." - Ed Viesturs (First man to climb all 14 Himilayan peaks.)
  • It took 12 people 8 hours to move one dead man down a portion of the mountian and that wasn't all the way from the summit.


  • Climbers need to train more thoroughly and make mental notes of what to do when certain life and death situations arise. Especially up at such a high altitude when your mind can't think as clearly. Technology will also need to improve in order to find a systematic way of returning the bodies, of those who have died climbing, to their families in order to recieve a proper burial.

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