Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 3

Problem at Tartan:

Cell phone use during classes.

Students are constantly texting eachother during classes throughout the day.
Teachers already take students' phones when they get caught with it out.

Contributing Factors:
It is a school rule that no one can use their cell phones during the day at all which makes students mad that they can't use it even during passing time and lunch.
Sometimes parents are calling for something urgent or even texting telling them that they are getting picked up.

Let students have their cell phones during passing times and lunch. They won't feel like they have to do it during class by trying to hide it. So it will not disrupt class time.

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amanda said...

very good..but may need a little more.
n YA i LIve in HAWAII!! lol

luv ya 2!!
<3 amanda