Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotation 8 (Internet Source)

Single Parent Adoption and Women

This article is written by a woman who is very involved in the professional field. Her name is Marth Osborne and she is an adoption advocate, an adoptive mother, and an adoptee. She says that a birth mom is more likely to select couples over single women to parent her baby. Single women pursue motherhood because of their natural desire to nurture and have a child of their own. Many of these women would like to marry someday and parent their children with a partner. Single mothers are not always praised by society for their actions regarding adoption on their own. Critics accuse the mothers as being selfish by not providing a father for their children. Single mothers may feel guilt or shame when start their lives as single parents of adopted children. The Internet, television, and media have created positive awareness of the issue. These women need to realize that it is not a form of weakness to ask for help and support. The author makes a good point to opposers of this issue when she says, " it is not reasonable to assume all married couples will stay married, nor should it be presumed all singles will forever remain single." An individual's character, strength, and parenting capabilities are far more important to decide whether a person would make a good adoptive parent.

Annotation 7 (SIRS)

Singles Adopting- Unmarried women building families

The trend is continuing: women are developing careers, staying single longer, and wanting children. Many adoption agencies are still clinging to traditional views on whom can adopt, even though the increase in single women adoption continues. Single women are more agressive than couple when it comes to the adoption of healthy infants. Agencies try to steer these women towards older children or children with special needs. One women says that her adopted children have fulfilled her need for a family, she doesn't need a husband right now. Then the article goes on to talk about single women and artificial insemination. But the article is basically about strong women making a families for themselves even though they have to overcome many obstacles.

Annotation 6 (ProQuest)

Single Women adopt China's dolls Marital status, age prove no barrier to motherhood

This article talks about the lives of several moms who chose to adopt children from China while being single. The chinese adoption accepts and respects single, older women who want to adopt chinese babies. The article give this statistic: 30% of women from the U.S. adopting from China are single women. It is easier to get daughters from China because of the law they have there that says each family is only allowed to have one daughter which means the rest born must be given away. You must be at least 30 years old to adopt from China and the age of these single adoptive mothers tends to be 30-40 years old. Older, single women are often afraid that they won't be allowed to adopt because of their living status. One woman in the article was told because of her age and marital status that she would only be able to adopt a handicapped child. All of thewe women have overcome many obstacles to recieve their greatest joy in life: motherhood.

Annotation 5 (ProQuest)

Last-chance Mothers

Many women across America feel a void in their lives that can be filled by having a child and becoming a mother. One woman in this article says, "I always thought I'd be married by the time I was 40. Some of my girlfriends my age have grandchildren." Most single women who want to be mothers without being married try to first get pregnant my insemination, if that doesn't work they usually go to adoption. The women say they never conciously put off having children, but it just didn't happen. This article gives a view of how these single mothers by choice really truely feel and felt going through this.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotation 4 (ProQuest)

And Baby Makes Two

This article just basically talks about the life of one mother and daughter relationship. The mother, Myra Alperson, is single and the daughter is 3 year old Sadie. Sadie was adopted by Myra when she was 10 months old. She was born in Suzhou- 50 miles from Shanghai. The mom has always made sure that her daughter knows and takes part in her Chinese culture. This mother wanted to adopt because she knew there were many kids out there who needed homes. She is so happy with her life because of Sadie.

Annotation 3 (SIRS)

Unmarried, With Children

The prelude of this article gives the comparison of the Leave it to Beaver family era to today's single parent homes. More than 7.5 million households today are headed by single mothers. A single mother today may be of any age or race. It is a especially fast growing catagory for white women. Because women are more educated and thus better able to support themselves there is no real financial need of a husband for motherhood. Women who can't find the "soulmate of their dreams" would rather stay single. This shows that more people value marriage today, and take it more seriously. Some of these women were children of divorced parents who don't ever want their children to suffer through watching a parent leave. Single motherhood is a long and hard journey. Being a single mother means that not all your time can be focused on just the child. Emotionally speaking, children of single mothers are the same as other children. Money, effort, and family can replace a missing husband or father. It is much worse for a child to go through the devastation of divorced parents than to live originally just with a single mother.

Annotation 2 (SIRS)

Single Moms by Choice II

Single motherhood is hard but it is fantastic sometimes. Births(by insemination or adoption) for unmarried women increased by 145% from 1980 to 1988. So it must be a huge number, 19 years later. Many women are happy not being married but feel the need to have children. These women have done research and decided with their own circumstances in view, that they want to be single moms. The article also talks about how the children deal with the situation. The children ask questions such as; "why does everyone else have a daddy and not me?" The mothers just reply, "I always wanted baby, so I got you" or they just remind them about all the men they have in their lives who care for them. The article talks about how the women were able to afford being single moms by choice. Many of them had well established careers and family that would help take care of the child. Even if the grandparents didn't like the idea of their daughter raising a child on her own, once they meet their new grandchild they fall in love and all their prejudices go away. It is a personal decision that each woman has to make for herself, it is definately not right for everyone.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Annotation 1 (SIRS)

"One + One Makes a Family"- Marilyn Gardner

Many single women who in there 30s and 40s want to adopt a child. Many parents who put their childern up for adoption in the U.S. want their children to be adopted by a mother and a father. That is why many single women choose to adopt from a foreign country. In today's world many women aren't getting married to focus on their carreers and never get the chance to start a family. It also costs a lot of money to adopt from another country. Many women go into debt because of it. They have a lot of support from men who can be a father figures to the adopted child such as; grandfathers, uncles, and friends. Another way women help their adopted children is by giving them information and involvement in their cultural background. But many people are still opposed to the idea- especially when they see a women with a child of a different race. Adopting older children is even more challenging because it takes them longer to adjust since they are not use to the structure of being in a family. One woman said that adopting her child has enriched so many lives around her. Another mother says that you have to be ready for the financial and emotional aspect of adopting on your own.

Monday, April 2, 2007

My Favorite Place In the Whole Wide World

Do you dream of the warm sun on your face in the middle of the brisk, below zero weather of winter? Well I do. That is why my favorite place is where I can take in the sunshine while everyone in Minnesota is enduring the harsh temperature in the middle of the winter season. I love standing on my hotel balconey and looking at the clear blue ocean and white sandy beach that have no end in sight. At my favorite destination I can feel the salty breeze in my hair as I lie beneath a palm tree. You too can visit my favorite place! Where you can have a massage on the beach for only $10. You will get really tan or at least burnt. It would be tons of fun so you should come, to my favorite place in the whole wide world!