Friday, April 20, 2007

Annotation 1 (SIRS)

"One + One Makes a Family"- Marilyn Gardner

Many single women who in there 30s and 40s want to adopt a child. Many parents who put their childern up for adoption in the U.S. want their children to be adopted by a mother and a father. That is why many single women choose to adopt from a foreign country. In today's world many women aren't getting married to focus on their carreers and never get the chance to start a family. It also costs a lot of money to adopt from another country. Many women go into debt because of it. They have a lot of support from men who can be a father figures to the adopted child such as; grandfathers, uncles, and friends. Another way women help their adopted children is by giving them information and involvement in their cultural background. But many people are still opposed to the idea- especially when they see a women with a child of a different race. Adopting older children is even more challenging because it takes them longer to adjust since they are not use to the structure of being in a family. One woman said that adopting her child has enriched so many lives around her. Another mother says that you have to be ready for the financial and emotional aspect of adopting on your own.

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