Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotation 8 (Internet Source)

Single Parent Adoption and Women

This article is written by a woman who is very involved in the professional field. Her name is Marth Osborne and she is an adoption advocate, an adoptive mother, and an adoptee. She says that a birth mom is more likely to select couples over single women to parent her baby. Single women pursue motherhood because of their natural desire to nurture and have a child of their own. Many of these women would like to marry someday and parent their children with a partner. Single mothers are not always praised by society for their actions regarding adoption on their own. Critics accuse the mothers as being selfish by not providing a father for their children. Single mothers may feel guilt or shame when start their lives as single parents of adopted children. The Internet, television, and media have created positive awareness of the issue. These women need to realize that it is not a form of weakness to ask for help and support. The author makes a good point to opposers of this issue when she says, " it is not reasonable to assume all married couples will stay married, nor should it be presumed all singles will forever remain single." An individual's character, strength, and parenting capabilities are far more important to decide whether a person would make a good adoptive parent.

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