Thursday, May 3, 2007

Essay Outline- Single Mothers Adopting

Attention Getter:
Summarize main points of each body paragraph:
Thesis: Many single women today are adopting, but with a lot of criticism.

Body Paragraph 1:(Info For it)
Topic Sentence:
Supporting Sentences from Articles: Write about why single women choose to adopt and how there lives turn out after they adopt their child. Articles: Last Chance Mothers, Single Mothers By Choice II, One + One Makes a Family, Unmarried with Children, Single Parent Adoption and Women.

Body Paragraph 2:(More Info For it)
Support from articles: Write about how it helps children in China and also how they get help. Articles: Single Women Adopt China's Dolls,

Body Paragraph 3:(Info Against it)
Support from Articles: Write how people are against it and why they are. Articles: Singles Adopting, Singles Adopting,

Body Paragraph 4: (More Info Against it)
More Support from Articles: Write about the struggles the family and children go through.

Body Paragraph 5:(My Stand)
TP-What I Think:
What and Why:

Restate Thesis:
Review the Main Points:
Attention getter that makes people ponder the topic:

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