Monday, March 19, 2007

My Spring Break

My spring break was excellent! I went up north to Breezy Point where my entire family has timeshares. My family and I went up on Sunday and left the following Sunday. When we were there I went ice skating and swimming everyday. I even went on a sleigh ride. Then at night we ate really big dinners and stayed up late watching movies and playing games. While we were up there, my parents had there anniversary. I didn't buy them a present so I baked them a cake and made it look pretty with lots of frosting and sprinkles. Basically I spent most of my break with my family, which was fun. My break was really relaxing and needed!

I think that this trimester is going to be good and hopefully it will go by really fast. There is only 57 days left of school! Exciting, I know! Anyways, I think the essay we have to right will be very stressful but will turn out fine. Well thats about it.

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